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Who Is Your White Collar Marketing Coach?

I became a marketing coach for the strangest reasons.

First, my background is ministry. Almost 20 years and several degrees after I started, ministry is still my driving passion, and is the real reason I am in marketing.

What the heck is the connection?

Well, first, I sensed a calling a few years ago to go into Internet marketing to build my own business, so I could learn the skills to help non-profit organizations communicate their mission over the internet more effectively.

Even among those who major in spiritual matters, hardly anything else attests to your competence as well as the ability to earn money in the "real" world with your skills. Your credibility can be measured in dollars and cents -- until you can facilitate loftier "conversions", that is.

And second, helping others improve their financial condition is part of my ministry -- part of the good that I do in the world.

We're all familiar with endeavors to help people in the developing world to improve their financial lives -- through micro loans, small businesses, agricultural programs, and skills training -- to escape grinding poverty and give them hope.

But it's just as much a ministry to help people in the developed world to improve their business performance, to get more clients, to earn more for the work they do.

It can release us from slavery to the constant grind of just getting by. It can empower us with time to invest in our families and communities. And it can multiply our profits to fund the very programs helping families in the developing world to break free from poverty too.

Now, the reason I fell into using my coach training specifically to help professionals market their businesses is much more mundane.

My husband is a physician, and I love helping him to market his own practice.

So I'm very familiar with the needs and perspectives of skilled professionals.

You want to practice your profession with dignity -- so your marketing must reflect your integrity and honor your name.

You need to offer your valuable service to the world, but you don't want to be a "salesman", even if the service you offer is something like insurance, which entails a lot of "selling".

You want effective, respectable marketing, that takes as little time as possible. After all, you want to practice your profession, not spend your time marketing.

And you want your compensation to reflect the professional that you are and the good that you offer.

If this sounds like what you're looking for, explore our site and see if anything clicks. Join our free membership, and I'll coach you by email on how to market your business, giving you specific ideas with action steps you can take right away. You can also sign up for our blog, and have our tips and news delivered to you in whatever way you choose.

I would be very pleased to help you prosper in your profession, and have that spill over into the rest of your life.

If that happens, I will have succeeded in my mission.

Blessings on your business ~

"Coach Sarah"

Your Marketing Coach

Your Marketing Coach

Your Marketing Coach

Here's what our members are saying!

"Thank you so much. I have a lot of work to do! . . . Believe me, I realize and appreciate the value you are giving with this information. I look forward to the day I can hire you to do some work for me. You have certainly earned my loyalty.

"I have sat in a lot of seminars but walk away with more usable and "doable" ideas from your calls than anything else I've listened to. You create a lot of value for the independent planner."

-- Steve Isenhour

"I signed up for Help A Reporter Out and contacted one of their sources andwas a guest "expert" on a Chicago radio show today. I have also submitted an article to

"If you need any endorsements from happy clients please call on me. Thank you."

-- Terry Riely


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