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Pre-Book Launch Strategies For Your Radio Campaign

The Top 10 Tips & Strategies To Do
Before Your Radio Book Campaign Is Ready To Launch!

POWER LAUNCH YOUR BOOK: "Radio is a powerful strategy for launching your new book or sharing your message," says Annie Jennings, whose firm, Annie Jennings PR, has created the most powerful radio campaign your money can buy. "Most people want to know what the return on investment (ROI) for a radio campaign can be for them. Although the outcome differs for each author, here is how radio worked for our client, author and expert, Reecy Aresty.

AUTHOR SAYS: "After several phone conversations with Annie, I finally decided to hire her, and to date I've gotten back 3 times my investment! Not only did she honor our agreement, she over performed! I was guaranteed 10 radio interviews in the Top 35 markets, but I actually had 19 + interviews in the Top 35 markets plus 2 others! Her professionalism, honesty, and values are a rarity today, as unethical business practices are rampant in so many industries.

Thank you Annie you're in a CLASS BY YOURSELF!

--- Author Reecy Aresty, Author Of "Getting Into College And Paying For It"

1. Radio Producers Love Controversial Topic & Hot Topics In The News. Producers and radio show hosts are always on the lookout for guests who can discuss the hottest and most current topics in the news. Most major news stations will always have time for a topical guest when they otherwise would not have time or desire for a feature segment. Stay on top of the news and know the angles of the news stories the networks are covering.

2. Know How Your Book Ties Into Breaking News. Subscribe to periodicals that cover subject matter and have articles in any of your topic areas. You will need to know what the newspapers and magazines are covering in your topic areas. This knowledge helps you keep your finger on the pulse of America which is exactly where you want to be!

3. Develop Your Topic List To Include Lots Of Topics. Start as soon as you get your publication date to make a list of the topics you can cover. As you publication date approaches you should have about 10-20 topics, several of which tie-into the breaking news. A great way to develop your topic list is to be very well read and any time you read an article where you could have been the expert quoted, note the topic and note the headline.

4. Expand Your Topic List To Be Self-Descriptive. Example: If your topic is "Workplace", expand Workplace to include "Office Gossip", "Should You Date Your Boss?", "Is There Still A Glass Ceiling?" Notice how intriguing the expanded topic are to read? Whereas just the word "Workplace" does nothing to generate excitement, ideas or possibilities.

5. Develop Talking Points For Your Topic Areas. Each of your topic areas need to be developed into a actual segment. While you have the time, that is, before your publication date, prepare about 5 talking point per topic. Your talking points should be the five most important concepts, considerations and points about your topic.

6. Develop A List Of Questions You Would Like To Be Asked. Develop questions that are hard-hitting and benefit-loaded for your listening audience. Producers and hosts need questions that will intrigue your audience and glue them to their radio dials. Make each question better than the one before. Producers don't want anyone switching stations! Avoid questions such as "why did you write your book?"

7. Get Your Credentials In Order. Radio producers and hosts love accomplished, highly-credentialed guests. The more credentials you have in your area of expertise the better! Be able to load your BIO with evidence that you are an expert in your field. Speak as much as you can to various groups and association even if it is for free. The "credit" can be used for your BIO. If you are a few credits short of your degree or can get certified in your area of expertise, by all means do so!

8. Make A List Of Your Accomplishments. You will need this for your BIO. Start making your list of all of your awards, accomplishments, speaking engagements and contributions to your area of expertise.

9. Learn How To Promote Your Book During The Interview. This is the time to prepare to make the most of your interviews. Radio producers and hosts love to interviews guests who know how to be promotional, that is, mention the name of their book without sounding like an infomercial! Avoid phrases such as "in my book". It is better to use the name of your book as if it were a person. Invest in media training specifically for radio interviews. You need to learn how to be a professional guest. You'll need guidance and training create excitement, share valuable info, make your point quickly, avoid tangents, be promotional yet responsible and learn the do's and don't's of be interviewed. Go to Media Training Tips For Radio for your FREE Special Report.

10. Clear Your Schedule. Be available for the interviews. Radio producers will offer you an interview date and it is a good idea to be available. Be able to say YES to an interview quickly and schedule your other appointments around your interviews. Seize the opportunity is the mind set to have! This is the time to prioritize your book publicity. If you have to cancel or reschedule an interview your risk losing it forever.

THE MOST POWERFUL RADIO CAMPAIGN YOUR MONEY CAN BUY: Our Top 35 & Top 50 Markets & Nationally Syndicated National Radio Campaign is HOT!

What To Do Now:

Check out Annie's audios on how to get media attention for your business, and sign up to hear about free media opportunities daily, requesting your expertise.

Annie JenningsAbout Annie Jennings: Annie Jennings of the National PR firm, Annie Jennings PR is a National Publicist specializing in promoting authors and experts to the media. Annie's vision and insight has revolutionized the publicity industry as many of the publicity techniques, tools and strategies in widespread use throughout the industry today have been developed by Annie Jennings PR. Annie freely shares her publicity strategies with authors and experts so everyone can have access to PR strategies, both the basics and advanced PR thought, so they can share their messages with millions for the betterment of all.

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