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Get Booked On Major News Programs

The Top 10 Guidelines For Authors & Experts
To Get Booked on Breaking News Programs

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Media Training Tips For Radio
The Top 10 Things To Do To Get Ready For Radio

1. Have your press kit ready to send at all times.

2. Create a media website complete with bio, contact info, segment idea, your picture, a picture or your book, topic ideas, segment ideas, affiliations, awards, audio and/or video demo. Do not push the sale of your book or product on this site.

3. Make contact with your targeted producer before the breaking news hits.

4. Watch the news shows you would like to be on. Be familiar with the type of guests they like to have, the segment lengths and how they like the guests to contribute. Model your pitch accordingly.

5. Be sure your media contact has your quick contact information. Give them a cell phone and a pager and be available.

6. Be media ready at all times. Have your "media outfit" at your office. Always be ready for the camera. The media books fast and they could call you for a same day segment.

7. Follow the news so you know what has already been reported. You will always want to be able to discuss the next level of commentary for the story.

8. Be low-maintenance. Be easy to work with and stay flexible with a good sense of humor. Keep in mind that the show must go on!

9. Tape the show at home or in your office. Buy a top quality tape of your appearance from a professional taping company. Producers find it difficult to track down a tape. Bring a blank VHS with you when you do your show and beforehand, ask the producer to copy it for you. Don't forget to take it home with you!

10. Be appreciative and say thank you!

Bonus Tip: Get media trained so you are ready for anything. A deer in the headlights look is embarrassing and the sure sign of an amateur.

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What To Do Now:

Check out Annie's audios on how to get media attention for your business, and sign up to hear about free media opportunities daily, requesting your expertise.

Annie JenningsAbout Annie Jennings: Annie Jennings of the National PR firm, Annie Jennings PR is a National Publicist specializing in promoting authors and experts to the media. Annie's vision and insight has revolutionized the publicity industry as many of the publicity techniques, tools and strategies in widespread use throughout the industry today have been developed by Annie Jennings PR. Annie freely shares her publicity strategies with authors and experts so everyone can have access to PR strategies, both the basics and advanced PR thought, so they can share their messages with millions for the betterment of all.

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Your Marketing Coach

Your Marketing Coach

Your Marketing Coach

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