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Platform Building Strategy - Do You Want To Create A Powerful Platform For Yourself? A MEGA Platform Helps You To:

Close Deals, Land The Big Keynote Speaking Event, Get The Account, Lock In The Six-Figure Book Deal & Lots More

Powerful Platform Checklist Follows Below.

What is a Platform?

Platform is everything that you bring to the table. A Platform, of course, is similar to branding but it is a step beyond. A Platform is being developed and accomplished in many areas. It is similar to the spokes in a wheel, each one is separate yet each one is important to the whole. The more powerful the spokes, the more powerful the wheel.

So if we think of a Platform as the entire wheel, we have many spokes in the wheel that make a platform possible.

A Platform to me is what makes the difference between getting the six figure advance or getting the "account" or "closing the deal".

How will a Platform help us?

A Platform is a "convincer". It removes the doubt in anyone's mind that you are the best choice for whatever it is—the speaking event, the keynote address, the consulting gig, the book deal. It’s about creating certainty that you are indeed the best possible choice—supported by evidence and this evidence is what we call your Platform that is, the spokes in your wheel.

A Platform allows you to stand above the rest—to be seen above the crowd. It allows you to rise to the top.

A Platform creates enhanced interest in you are and who your business is and what you do as a whole.

A Platform makes you THE CHOICE. Not only "one" of the choices—but THE CHOICE.

A Platform is also a reward. A reward for years of hard work and dedication. Is it not easy to build a ezine list of 10,000+ subscribers— it takes time and hard work to do this. Was bringing your website to the level of receiving 25,000 hits per month easy? No-- it took lots of development, dedication, and of course, investment dollars. A Platform is the reward for getting up early and working on articles or your website. A Platform is the reward for going the extra mile each and every day.

A Platform is your business accomplishments on paper. If I did not call this a Platform, I would call it "Welcome To My World".

I think many people have certain basic elements of the platform already and will need to build up in the other "spokes" or areas of a Platform. Our weekly and free teleseminars are designed to help you create a platform, to help you learn important skills and obtain access to experts who can help you.

Platform Check List:

1. Are you the author or co-author of books and articles? The more books and the more articles the better. E-books count also and are relatively easy to create.

2. Have you developed any products such as audiocassette or CD series, video series, internet courses, any innovative products that you have developed to help your industry?

3. Are your books and articles appearing in other countries, translated to different languages?

4. Do you have speaking engagements? Did you address large audience or companies with names people would recognize? Have you done an impressive number of speaking engagements? Have you spoken outside of the country? Were you a keynote presenter?

5. Did you contribute your industry or achieve or breakthroughs? Have you received awards or recognition. Did you develop new business processes that enhanced your industry?

6. Have you achieved Expert Status on in the media, including TV, radio and print? Have you appeared on national TV, had article written about you. Have you received media coverage in any other country? A few major media placements builds up your BIO fast!

7. Have you toured the country promoting your book? How many cities did you go through, how many interviews did you do, where did you speak, where did you hold book signings, did you sell an impressive amount of books?

8. Have you hosted or co-hosted a radio show, or have been a regular guest? Do you have your own show, internet shows are easy ways to get started!

9. Do you have endorsements or testimonials from industry leaders?

10. Did your book make it to any best sellers lists? Did it receive any awards?

11. Are any companies offering your book or products to their staff? Or is your work distributed throughout any organizations? And if so, how many companies, employees and people did you reach?

12. Was your book featured in any magazines? Or excerpted for any periodicals. Did you write any professional articles that appeared in important industry journals?

13. Do you have an ezine? How many subscribers?

14. Do you lead a discussion group via your ezine or on the web? Do you have a source of dedicated "listeners or subscribers"?

15. Do you have a mailing list? How many people on your list?

16 Are you conducting teleseminars for your industry? How many callers do you have? Who have you interviewed? What topics did you cover? Include your blog and podcasts as well. The more knowledge you can demonstrate, that is, the more proof you can provide in the content pudding, the more people will want to hire you. It is one thing to just say you are expert, it is your platform that proves it.

17. Your credentials? If you have them, they are part of your platform however, notice this is the last question I am asking you? This is because in certain areas and of course, this is not medicine etc., professional experience and accomplishments give you lots of "credentials". However, if you can get your credentials – go for it as they only add to your Platform!

18. Your mission statement? Every business should have a passion for why they exist. Share your passion with your clients and all who know you. Annie Jennings PR exists for the betterment of all. Yes, it's that simple. However, to exist for the betterment of all Annie Jennings PR always needs to be at the top of her game, creating new strategies, reacting to changes in the marketplace, to teaching book authors and experts how to make it BIG so there voices can be heard … for the betterment of all.

Do you need a team of professionals to build your Platform? The answer is a simple yes. Always surround yourself with brilliance. But, in the meanwhile, learn all you can about your website, copyrighting, ezines etc. so you know how to do these things yourself. And when choosing an expert to help you always apply good judgment and be sure you understand the agreement in advance, go over the fees involved, be sure the expert understands your objectives and you understand what the expert can deliver. In fact, you might want to review their history of success (that is, their platform).

How long does it take to build a Platform? Since a Platform is your accomplishments, it takes time to create a powerful Platform. However, NOW is an excellent time to examine your Platform and learn, start and/or continue building your Platform over time.

Want to get started? Let Annie Jennings PR know all about you using this link: Yes, I Want To Be An Annie Jennings PR Expert!!

© Copyright 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007

What To Do Now:

Check out Annie's audios on how to get media attention for your business, and sign up to hear about free media opportunities daily, requesting your expertise.

Annie JenningsAbout Annie Jennings: Annie Jennings of the National PR firm, Annie Jennings PR is a National Publicist specializing in promoting authors and experts to the media. Annie's vision and insight has revolutionized the publicity industry as many of the publicity techniques, tools and strategies in widespread use throughout the industry today have been developed by Annie Jennings PR. Annie freely shares her publicity strategies with authors and experts so everyone can have access to PR strategies, both the basics and advanced PR thought, so they can share their messages with millions for the betterment of all.

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Your Marketing Coach

Your Marketing Coach

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