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This man was so successful at generating sales through referrals that he was named by the Guiness Book of World Records as the # 1 salesperson in the world.

He won this distinguished title 12 years in a row!

The Most Successful
Referral Marketer of All Time!

Do you know who the most successful referral marketer of all time is?

His name is Joe Girard.

Joe was a simple car sales person in Detroit.

Joe would single-handedly sell 6 - 7 cars on any given day!

That is a staggering amount of sales.

And the most amazing part is that nearly all of Joe's sales came by way or referrals.

Here is a photo of Joe...

Joe Girard

What was Joe's Secret?

Joe had created a system of staying in touch with all his past customers and people that knew him.

Joe's secret was his uncanny ability to stay in touch with all the people that knew him

Joe had relationships with thousands of people who he communicated with on a regular basis.

Staying in touch with people is how you create trusting relationships and relationships are what bring referrals.

That's why Joe received so many referrals.

It makes sense.

But What Was Joe's System for Staying In Touch?

Joe discovered early in his career that he could not possibly "physically" contact a lot of people on a regular basis, so he thought, the next best thing would be to send them greeting cards.

So Joe started to send greeting cards on a regular basis to all the people that knew him.

It worked!

The more cards he sent, the more referrals he received.

so he began to send more and more cards to people

His cards contained heart felt messages that were personal and handwritten.

Eventually, he had to hire several people to help him write all the cards he was sending out every month.

Joe Sent Out Over 16,000 Greeting Cards a Month!

That's an amazing amount of cards.

Imagine having to...

1. Purchase

2. Write

3. Insert into envelopes

4. Buy and apply stamps

5. Take them down to the post office...

...but he did it every month because of the response he received

Joe Had Discovered the Key to Getting All the Referrals You Can Handle

Joe discovered that the secret key to getting all the referrals you can handle is to send heartfelt greeting cards on a regular basis to your network of people that know you.

Heartfelt greeing cards have a magical effect on people.

They leave a lasting impression that's not soon forgotten.

In fact, I believe that sending greeting cards is more powerful than calling a person or meeting with them.

Cards have staying power.

People keep them and your card becomes a reminder of how much you appreciate them.

So Why Aren't You Sending Cards On a Regular Basis?

It's probably because of the hassle that's involved with sending cards.

You have to go to a card store, find a card, write a message, put it into an envelope and take it to the post office.

What a pain?

But that's exactly why people appreciate cards when they receive them!

They know that you've taken a lot of time and effort to send them a card.

But What If You Could Completely Automate the Card Sending Process?

What if you didn't need to do all the traditional stuff to send a high quality, heartfelt card?

What if all you needed to do to send a card was to jump online, pick a card, write a message and push a button.

Would you send more cards?

Now what if you could send a series of personalized, heartfelt cards over a period of time, with the simple push of a button?

Imagine the amount of people you could stay in touch with, the relationships you could maintain and the amount of referrals you could generate. . .

...if you could send out multiple cards by simply pushing a button.

With the recent advances in technology...

...You Now Can Send Out Cards Automatically with an Online System

With you have at your fingertips your Ultimate Referral System. will allow you to create highly customized, personal greeting cards that will stun and delight your clients and prospects.

The system gives you the ability to...

1. Choose from over 12,0000 cards for every occasion.


2. Create eye-popping, stunning custom cards with your photos.

that include...

3. Your personal handwriting and personal signature.

and you can...

Send sequential, multi-card campaigns with the push of a button.

Sending heartfelt greeting cards on a consistent and regular basis is the key to establishing long term relationships of appreciation and trust and will get you all the referrals you can handle.

Joe Girard proved it.

Sending cards is what helped Joe to become the # 1 salesperson in the world for 12 years straight.

And Joe isn't the only one to tout the importance of sending cards to generate referrals.

All the top referral marketers say the same thing.

What to Do Next

If you'd like to take a walk-through of the system yourself, you can go to and click on Take a Test Drive

If you want to automate the process of sending out high quality, heartfelt greeting cards you should look into using

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