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Promotional Gifts Say a Lot about Your Company --
Make Sure It's, "Wow!"

Don't underestimate the promotional power of a nice gift.
Drug companies spend untold millions because it works.

My husband is a physician. That means that everywhere we have pens and staplers and pads of paper, pointers and jump drives, clocks and mugs and paperweights galore, with pharmaceutical drug names on them.

These things do come in handy, and they do work to advertise their product. No doubt you've received countless catalogs offering you wares you can plaster your name and logo all over. The prices are attractive, even, just to have your business get casual face time.

But. . .

It's the Good Stuff that Makes the Impact

While these free items receive mild appreciation by our office staff, what they really love are the free lunches they bring in from nice restaurants. . . oh yeah!

These lunches get the calorie-gift-bearing drug reps valuable time in a more relaxed atmosphere with the prize target -- the doctor, who, more often than not, feels that she has to give at least some time to reciprocate for the nice meals her staff values as a prime perk.

The guys coming without lunch? I've seen them standing in the hall waiting an hour just to catch a signature from a doctor. (My husband is something of an exception, welcoming drug reps, though he does save real face time for the lunch hour to avoid making patients wait.)

This reminds me of when my husband was being wined and dined by prospective practices. They all treated us well. The ones we really remembered, though, were the ones who sent us really nice gift baskets afterward.

Gourmet items, nicely packaged. We felt really appreciated, and our attachment to that practice group deepened. We remembered them with nice warm fuzzies.

You can create the same feeling by giving gourmet comfort food with the label customized with your name and logo. You want to give high quality items, nicely packaged, so you get the same "Wow!" bonding with your potential clients and referral sources.

How can you do better than to give a beautiful gift of Premium Coffee, Tea & Chocolate? There's something in there to warm everyone to you and your business.

What to Do Now

If you're interested in giving promotional gifts, consider taking a step up from the typical catalog offerings, and make a Wow! impression with Premium Coffee, Tea & Chocolate with your business emblazoned on them.

Premium Coffee, Tea & Chocolate

Private Labeled Premium Coffee & Tea
Your Marketing Coach

Your Marketing Coach

Your Marketing Coach

Here's what our members are saying!

"Thank you so much. I have a lot of work to do! . . . Believe me, I realize and appreciate the value you are giving with this information. I look forward to the day I can hire you to do some work for me. You have certainly earned my loyalty.

"I have sat in a lot of seminars but walk away with more usable and "doable" ideas from your calls than anything else I've listened to. You create a lot of value for the independent planner."

-- Steve Isenhour

"I signed up for Help A Reporter Out and contacted one of their sources andwas a guest "expert" on a Chicago radio show today. I have also submitted an article to

"If you need any endorsements from happy clients please call on me. Thank you."

-- Terry Riely


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