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How Do You Get to the Top of the Search Engines For Local Search?

It's easy (and rather inexpensive) to get your website to the top of the list when local people are searching for your service on the Internet -- if you know what you're doing, and if you act now.

Ignoring local search today is going to be one of the biggest mistakes you could make in marketing your professional service. The nay-sayers questioning the importance of local search are probably the same people who questioned the need to buy a domain name in 1999.

The Search Engines today are actively looking for businesses whose target audience is local rather than global. Local organic search engine competition is still in its infancy.

Get Ranked at the Top

To get ranked at the top of the local search results, the age of your domain is a major factor in Search Engine Optimization. That means you need to start now targeting local search results when most professionals have not given any thought to presenting themselves as the local authority on the web.

If you start now, you can capture all the local Internet traffic for the longer, less competitive "keyword phrases" or terms people type into the search engines to find your service. And this is excellent web traffic -- people who type in longer phrases are searching for very specific help and information, and are thus more likely to buy.

What about the really competitive search terms that have lots of daily searches? While those searchers are less likely to buy, it's still good to get that Internet traffic as well, because there's simply so much of it. It can only help to reinforce the image of you as the local professional authority when your website comes up on top for the most often searched terms for your service.

And how do you capture the really competitive keyword terms in your local market?

By first dominating the less competitive, longer keyword phrases. Because of the way the search engines work, coming out at the top for lots of longer phrases gets you higher ranking on the shorter, more often searched terms.

Your Winning Strategy

Your winning strategy is to capture all the traffic from the clients who want your service right now, who searching on longer keyword terms, and by doing so, gradually claim as your own the general keywords that show you to be the authority in your service area, so they will have you in mind when they are ready to buy.

What this all boils down to is that if you are not positioning yourself for local search now, you are losing.

You are losing a lot of current traffic for non-competitive terms, with clients ready to buy, which can be quickly and easily dominated with the proper guidance. And you are losing the chance to establish yourself on the web for the length of career as THE authoritative professional in your area offering your service to your most desired client.

With the proper professional SEO help any professional can leverage this brief infancy of local search and establish themselves as the local authority at first glance.

Those who wait will find it very hard, if not impossible, to unseat those in first place later -- and it will certainly be much more expensive, because it will take much more work.

Plus it's much less expensive than you think. I was stunned to learn that my family's dentist is paying $3,000 a month for her yellow page ads. The cost to come out on top for local search, and stay there, is a fraction of that. She's cut her yellow pages costs in half for next year, and is now using some of the savings to come out on top of local search.

What to Do Now

Go watch our video on how you can get local leads streaming to you from the internet, by getting your website to rank on the first page of Google for phrases people type in when they are "hot to buy" the service you are offering.

You'll be stunned at how easy it is to get well qualified potential clients seeking you -- quickly, and inexpensively.

Check below for the other parts of this article, and join our membership for free to receive our exclusive report on effective website marketing, "Go for the Google Gold! How to Get Your Website to the Top of Local Search Results and Use It to Persuade the Right Potential Clients to Choose You".

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